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At the Second International Symposium of Andrology convened in Beijing in September 2003, it was adjudged the male enhancement Gold Prize of that Symposium

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  Male enhancement from China to increase libido

SANLIDA, the Golden Cordycepin(Cordyceps)/Ginseng Capsules, is not only an embodiment of China's ancient court recipes which helped to increase libido and strengthen men's body, but also an improvement on them. Besides the effect of libido increase, it has the merit of elevating immunity against diseases, for which it is perhaps particularly valuable. It has no side effects and does not entail any dependence on it. SANLIDA is entirely botanical in nature. For it, the technology of targeted administration of doses and the technology of measured release are employed. The purpose of libido increase and male enhancement is achieved in a short spell (0.5---3 hours).
Unlike other medicines or tonics for increasing libido, SANLIDA, the Golden Cordycepin(Cordyceps)/Ginseng Capsules, has the salient effect of strengthening the reproductive system, improving memory through the repair and regeneration of the brain cells naturally, and enhancing sexuality and retarding the aging process simultaneously through nurturing the kidneys.

1.For libido increase purpose:
1 capsule, 1-2 times daily.
2.For prompt improvement of sexuality:
Taken 2-3 hours before sexual intercourse,2-3 capsules
Stages of effect:
In 7 days:Sexual dynamic determiners are activated, the sexual energy source is replenished, libido is strengthened, the sexual desire becomes evidently stronger, and sexual life returns to normal.
In 30 days:Sexual energy is in abundant supply, the body is full of vigor, a strong libido appears instantly, and sexual life can be encountered with full confidence!
In 60 days:Sexual energy is overflowing,libido becomes impulsive, all symptoms of renal deficiency have vanished, sexual dysfunctions have been overcome, natural male enhancement becomes wonderful and you can indulge in sexual life to your heart's content!

Reminder:From authorities on male enhancement

Medical authorities on sex questions tell us that an overwhelming majority of aphrodisiacs now flooding our market have hormone constituents which can upgrade natural male enhancement by stimulating blood circulation in the human body, speedily suffusing the spongy tissue of penis with blood in a small multiple of ten minutes to effect the erection of the  penis. At the same time, this will promote abnormally excessive secretion of determiners governing the sexual vigor. In this way, the aim of making strong the sexual desire is reached, and the sexual partner's function in sexual life is accomplished through forceful natural male enhancement in a short spell. But after the exhilaration, there will come the long period of suffering. Such drugs, if used over a long time, will damage the blood circulation system in the penis, numbing the nerves in the spongy tissue. Moreover, the secretion of determiners of sexual vigor will be thrown into disorder, and the sexual energy will be overdrawn because of overindulgence in male enhancement, resulting in drug dependence and further weakening of the man's constitution and his sinking into a fearful swamp.

People suited for SANLIDA:

1. All adults who want to keep or improve their  libido naturally.
2. Those who are prone to catch cold, to feel tired, to be sleepless, to be lethargic, or to feel anxiety, which are caused by weakness and health impairment due to lowering of immunity.
3. Those who suffer from  impotency, premature ejaculation, degeneration of sexual function, weakening of sexual desire, dissatisfaction with sexual life, or lack of male orgastic pleasure.
4. Those who suffer from frequent or painful micturition caused by prostatic hypertrophy and those who have sore and feeble back and knees and sweating hands and feet.
5. Those who have hypertension, cerebral embolism or who have suffered apoplexy.

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SANLIDA-Best Selling Natural Male Sexual Health Preserver in China! SANLIDA also has been proven to control blood pressure, hypertension, better vision, and prostatic hyperplasia.
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